Booking a Place

What is Instant Book?

Instant Book listings don't require approval from the host before you can book them. Instead, you can just choose your travel dates and discuss check-in plans with the host. There is no additional fee for confirming a reservation with Instant Book.

What is a pre-approval?

A pre-approval is a way for host to let guests know that their listing is available when asked about a potential reservation. Once pre-approved, the guest can automatically confirm a booking for the specific dates provided.


When you pre-approve a guest’s inquiry, you give them permission to automatically confirm a booking for specific dates. The dates won’t be blocked on your calendar, so you can pre-approve multiple guests at one time.

Guests have 24 hours to confirm a booking that has been pre-approved. After 24 hours, the guest can still request to book your listing with the price offered during the pre-approval, unless you remove the pre-approval. You can remove the pre-approval at any time in the message thread.


If a host has sent you a pre-approval, your booking isn’t confirmed until you’ve clicked Book It in the message thread with the host and added your payment information. Hosts can send pre-approvals to many potential guests, so if you’ve found the perfect space, make sure to complete the booking process as soon as possible.

You have 24 hours to accept a pre-approval before it expires. If 24 hours have passed, you can still accept the pre-approval but your host will have to approve your request before your reservation is confirmed.

How do I submit a reservation request?

If you’re ready to book a place on Chamonix Chalets, you can send a request to the host to book a reservation. If you’re unsure about the listing or its availability, you can also send a message to the host.

To send a reservation request:

On a listing, click Request to Book.
If you see Instant Book, the host is allowing you to book their place instantly. Your reservation will be automatically confirmed after step 4.
Review your reservation details to make sure everything is correct.
Add your payment information, including any coupon code you may have.
Agree to the policies and terms, including the host’s cancellation policy and house rules.
Wait for the host’s response. The host has 24 hours to reply, but most reply within a few hours.
Some hosts require that you complete the Verified ID process before confirming a reservation, which allows the host to get more information about who they’re hosting in their home.

If your request is accepted, you’ll be charged in full for the reservation. If the host declines the request or doesn’t respond within 24 hours, no charge is made and you can try booking those dates with someone else.